Learn everything you could ever want to know about vehicle dynamics in order to know how to design your racecar from tires to straight-line performance, in ME406L(4 Credits). Apply this knowledge using programs such as StarCCM+, modeFRONTIER, Ricardo WAVE, CarSim, ADAMS, WinGeo, and more to design and build a complete SolidWorks 3D CAD model down to the last bolt.

StarCCM+ is a computational fluid dynamics program used to test the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle, such as drag and downforce. Many design iterations are run in order to fine tune the wing's features, such as angle of attak, profile, and gap, in order to increase downforce with minimal drag.

Ricardo WAVE is a 1-dimensional engine modeling program used to generate theoretical torque and power curves for the engine. It is used to test power gains of new intake and exhaust designs, and allows the user to look at the pressure and velocity in the intake and exhaust.

modeFRONTIER is a multi-objective design optimization program used in conjunction with StarCCM+ and Ricardo WAVE to optimize intake, exhaust, wing, and undertray designs. modeFRONTIER is an automated design iteration program that learns what “works” and what doesnt, creating a “Pareto Frontier.”

WinGeo is a program specifically for designing a suspension system. Using information learned in ME406L, a suspension system is designed to meet the set requirements, using WinGeo.

CarSim takes values obtained from the SolidWorks model, such as torsional ridgidity, weight, inertia, along with downforce and drag values from StarCCM+, hp and torque curves from Ricardo WAVE, and suspension geometry from WinGeo to simulate the overall performance of the vehicle before ever even building it. It allows the user to set AI-driven tests, or allow the user to actually “drive” the car.

ADAMS is used to do advanced dynamic modelling and testing of mechanical parts, such as the CVT transmission.