LMS12 -- 2012

The LMS-12 made a big debut at the first Lincoln, Nebraska event placing 10th overall! Building upon the sucesses and failures of past cars, the LMS-12 included a full aerodynamics package, used the Yamaha Genesis 80fi engine and CVT with imense focus on tuning the CVT, and an all new belt final drive. It placed 14th in design, 5th in presentation, 36th in cost, 20th in acceleration, 25th in skidpad, 12th in autocross, and 6th in endurance.

LMS11 -- 2011

The LMS-11 was LOBOmotorsport's first vehicle to sport a full aerodynamic package, including a front wing, rear wing, and undertray. This, along with other features, allowed 2011 to place 26th Overall, out of 86 teams. 2011 Placed 8th in Design, 9th in Autocross, 12th in Presentation, 14th in Acceleration, 15th in Skidpad, and 26th in Cost, and things were looking promising in Endurance, consistantly putting down the 5th fastest lap times, until on the 9th lap a hub failure caused a DNF for that portion of the competiton.

LMS10 -- 2010

2010 placed 19 out of 79 at FSAE-California and was UNM's first car to compete with the Yamaha Genesis 80fi. 2010 is quick on its feet weighing only 475 pounds, utilizes an undertray that produces downforce at speed to help it grip at speed, and has the brains of a Microsquirt ECU.

LMS09 -- 2009

UNM's first year using the Yamaha Genesis 80fi engine, 2009 set the groundwork for future LOBOmotorsports teams. The 2009 car also had a Garett GT12 turbo. Unfortunatly, the 2009 car did not make it to competetion due to blown motor just weeks before the competetion.

LMS08 -- 2008

2008 was UNM's last year to use a 4 cylinder motor, with a Honda CBR600RR motor behind the driver. It placed 24 out of 82 at FSAE-California. Unfortuantly, since then, 2008 was wrecked.

LMS07 -- 2007

2007 placed 65 out of 106 at FSAE-Michigan and was UNM's last car to go to FSAE-Michigan. Until recently it sat on display in the UNM Mechanical Engineering atrium.

LMS06 -- 2006

2006 placed 59 out of 125 at FSAE-Michigan and had a unique all-aluminum rear end. 2006 was partially dismantled and stripped to build the 2008 car.

LMS05 -- 2005

2005 placed 14 out of 122 at FSAE-Michigan and is UNM's best placing vehicle to date. 2005's Honda CBR600F4i still runs strong and reliably and is driven frequently at LOBOmotorsports driving days.

LMS04 -- 2004

2004 laid the groundwork for the coming years of LOBOmotorsports with its Honda CBR600F4i engine, its long narrow nose, and wide track. It placed 39 out of 134 at FSAE-Michigan, and now resides in the UNM Mechanical Engineering Department's atrium.

LMS03 -- 2003

LOBOmotorsports again did not field a vehicle in 2002, but came back in 2003 with a Yamaha R6 powered car that placed 62 out of 125 at FSAE-Michigan.

LMS01 -- 2001

68 out of 125 at FSAE-Michigan. Infinium built off of the innovation of Continuum, developing a second generation concentrator system. Remembering delays in the previous projects, Infinium rolled with more time for testing before the race than any previous vehicle. Although these strong qualities helped win a National Championship, they weren’t enough to place higher then third in the World Solar Challenge. Infinium placed first in the American Solar Challenge, which made umsolar the first team in the history of the race to win 3 National Championships in a row. It also raced in the World Solar Challenge, and placed 3rd in the world. It will soon be on display in the Detroit Science Center along side its predecessor, Continuum.

LMS00 -- 2000

After not competeing in 1999, LOBOmotorsports returned to Detroit in the new millenium and placed 68 out of 104 at FSAE-Michigan.

LMS98 -- 1998

In LOBOmotorsports' second year the group grew and the car placed 48 out of 95 at FSAE-Michigan.

LMS99 -- 1997

UNM's first year to enter a car to Formula SAE, the small group of students placed 70 out of 77 at FSAE-Michigan.