LOBOmotorsports is the University of New Mexico's Formula SAE team. Formula SAE at UNM started in 1997 and LOBOmotorsports has since established itself as a major player at FSAE competitions, earning itself a 5th place national and 18th place international ranking. UNM Formula SAE (FSAE) is an exceptional opportunity for engineering students, as it teaches project management, systems engineering, leadership and teamwork. Students gain hands on experience in manufacturing procedures as they evaluate and improve a prototype for competition.
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Team Meets Internal Goals; Placement Second-Highest Ever. Read Article
LOBOMotorsports placed 12th overall out of 80 teams, and reached a 7th place national ranking.More
LOBOmotorsports will be participating in the A World In Motion event.More
David Reis, LOBOmotorsports 2008 alumnus, and sister Karen Reis were tragically killed January 1, 2012 near San Diego, California. His death was shocking to all who knew him and those who didn't, but his accomplishments during life will be celebrated and remembered. More.
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